Friday, 19 September 2014

Sir Patrick Spens

At long last, I have completed the first copy of Sir Patrick Spens. There are mistakes. I will have to relayout some pages and there is at least one typo. One of the lino cuts needs replacing and I need to change the paper. I am using Bockingford Inkjet which is a watercolour paper but it is too textured for using with my book press. If I was printing using a proper roller press, it would work much better and I will try that next week. But a bit of experimentation is called for.

Here are all the pages printed out with text and linocut.
and here is a sample page.

The completed book. Sort of concertina but not quite because it has a wrap around cover.

And the book showing how it opens. I have rewritten bits of the poem. It struck me as not Lallans enough. In some places it was just too English and I had to replace phrases. The one that upset me most was 'at this time of year'.  Too English. I replaced it with 'at the backend o' the year'. And various other bits.
It needs more work before I produce several copies. But at least I have got this far. It has struck me that it is a good day to finish the book. Personally I did not see why I should show my passport when going home.

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