Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Still Quite A Lot of Woe

The Saab has water in its engine and we are all waiting for the insurance inspector to decide what should be done. I am not wildly keen on buying a new car because I like to consider a new car for months. The family are offering lots of advice. When I say how about a Smart car, I get the chorus You can't get three looms in a Smart car. Oh well. I am not worrying too much - yet.

I have dyed some more yarn and followed Diane's advice to add vinegar at the end and let the container plus water and yarn cool down before rinsing. The dye is much more exhausted but still not completely. I did four lots yesterday in the steamer which needs less looking after than a pot on a Calor Gas stove. So thank you Diane.

I have also started up on the next piece on the Megado where I am using Japanese gold foil on paper yarn. It needs to be positioned carefully. It is really a thin one-sided ribbon . But it is looking good. The trouble is that I do not believe a photo will show much. And I have started on the first African tree which uses the Theo Moorman technique. Why I have to be doing these at the same time I cannot imagine. Both are very slow. 

I want to have some pieces finished and off the loom in two weeks as my sister is coming to stay and she is a real expert on how to mount pieces.

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