Friday, 4 October 2013

More Books Bound

Two books made using the same marbled paper. The right hand one has endpapers of the same marbled paper from Venice as the left hand one's cover. The picture of Venice on the right is by me!! These are fine but I am not sure about the one with mulberry bark paper. I have sewn it but the paper is very fragile and some sheets are very flimsy whereas a couple are much thicker and are okay. It is currently being pressed. Also the book does not have as many pages as I like. But what I do have cost me $50 in Samarkand.  I have to put the Atlas cloth onto paper for the cover which I hope to do today.
Last night as I was going to bed, I realised that I had not selected endpapers for the mulberry bark book so inspected the stash and did not like anything. So I thought of what was typical of Central Asia and the answer was roses. I hunted out all the photos I had taken of roses, chose these two and spent an hour creating this patterned paper which is very flamboyant and will scream at the cover. It will do nicely. The women in Samarkand did not bother much about matching colours - as long as it was loud, it was okay. The pink rose is from Samarkand. The bunch of red roses are from Cappadocia. Oh and I got to bed after midnight.

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