Thursday, 8 December 2011

Trying Again

Dorothy's ExtravOrganza works well and so does her JetFX paper but it is no good to me. While the JetFX takes well on calico shoppers, it does not take neatly onto my weaving because the fabric is not smooth enough. I tried applying the JetFX to the backing canvas and had one or two successes but two disastrous failures which left black smears on the canvas. So the canvas has had two coats of white acrylic applied to get rid of the smears. Which leaves me with the organza. Now I have to try and fix the organza to the weaving. I'll get there in the end.

I have been thinking about living by myself. I find the worst time is about 9 in the evening. So I try to organise myself into doing something then. Thinking back, I have realised that I only ever lived by myself for a year when I first went to Cambridge. After that, I shared a house with three other girls and then, after a few years, got married. I don't remember feeling lonely during that yera but then I suppose there were lots of other people in a similar situation around all the time. Also I was working - quite hard as I recall. Whereas now I am retired and there is no work - well hardly any. I have worked all my life apart from two years having babies. This was unusual  45 years ago but is not today.I am not sure where these thoughts are leading so will go away and see to the organza.

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  1. first year without Michael bound to feel strange but things will look different when you are snowed in up in Scotland with a wee dram and the rest of the family!
    have just brought in a smallish hedgehog from under the birdtable - trying him on minced meat - and am going to Google for advice.



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