Tuesday, 6 December 2011

A New Coptic Binding Style

This is a Coptic binding book which was mostly made at the last bookbinding class. I finished it off at home. The covers are cotton printed by me. The cotton was spaced dyed = shoved in a yoghurt pot with some Procion MX dye. 

The binding is yet another variant from Keith Smith's book. The sewing lines across the spine are in pairs and each pair is done with a single thread  of silk from Oliver Twist but it has a needle on each end. This produces a tight binding which seems much better than anything done before. I intend to use this for preference in future. 

I now realise that a lot of his sewings for Coptic books are very similar and I don't have to try them all. I think I have found one which suits me. Now for headbands!!

View of back and front.

There are guard papers which have been cut from the same sheet as the end papers. While the visual effect is quite good, the paper is much thinner than anything I have used previously for guard papers. I will not use such a thin paper again.

I have prepared a set of covers and the papers for a Coptic book to be done tomorrow. Definitely I must try headbands.

Today has been a bad day. I was aiming to finish off the weaving of shoes for an exhibition and I must have it finished by next Thursday (9 day's time). My intention was to put on top of the  woven rows of shoes, photographs of some of my best shoes at life size using JetFX paper. Well my JetFX paper had gone off. It was 6 months or more since I used it last. I got round to calling ArtVanGo today who were clean out of JetFX but might have some in just before Christmas - which is too late. Oh well, the fall-back position is to turn the same photographs of shoes into ThermoFaxes and screenprint them on. So look up Thermofax Limited on the website and find there is no chance of getting Thermofaxes done in time. Weep on my sister', Dorothy's shoulder (metaphorically since she is 400 miles away). She has some JetFx which has never been opened (mine was out of its packet for six months). She also thought that printing on organza might do the trick and has stuck some in the post. I tried out some  of my organza ironed on to freezer paper and managed get one print but most of the ink finished up on the freezer paper and the image on the organza was too delicate. Dorothy says that my fabric is probably nylon organza and that silk is better. I await the arrival of her parcel with interest. I have left this far too late. 

I had started framing four pictures, got as far as cutting the mount board but that is now on hold!! Bah!

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