Tuesday, 1 March 2011


I wound two lavender dyed skeins into 6 warps each of 40 threads. I took 4 of them, folded them in halves and half again, tied them tightly then space dyed deep violet between ties, steamed them and voila! The second bundle was 2 warps treated in the same way. To the right, you can see four skeins of lavender dyed wool/silk for the weft.

The warps will be dry by Thursday and I will start on tying up to the ghost warp. All the rest of the warp is laid out on the breast beam and it does look lurid. I keep telling myself that using a lavender weft through out will tone it down. Boy, does it need toning down!!

Since I had the warping mill set up, I wound the warp (3 colours, gold, ochre and violet) for a wool scarf in log cabin. It strikes me that there is a bit too much violet in my life.

Yesterday was spent at a Speed Awareness Course. My daughter, Anne, has been on one and said it was very social, lovely tea and cake. Not in Herefordshire. We had two ten minutes breaks in a four hour  course (which is not good practice to start with). There was no way 20 people could pour themselves tea and drink it in ten minutes. Most amusing of all. There were 5 women and 15 men. I do not recall ever seeing a queue for a male loo before. And there was not even a dry biscuit never mind high class cake. Clearly Warwickshire does these things differently (differently = more civilised).  

The other excitement for today was that booking opened for the courses at the Festival of Quilts. I am not a quilter but the FOQ courses are often about design or dyeing/printing and I have got on the two-day course I wanted as well as two short courses on applique. This is not till August so something to look forward to. Dorothy, my sister, has booked as well and will be staying with us. It is only an hour's drive to the NEC. 

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  1. Those skeins are a very good match to the anemone you photographed for Michael. Can't wait to see the warp on the loom!



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