Tuesday, 15 March 2011

It Didn't Work

The multicoloured warp did not work. By that I mean that the Leicester Longwool will have to be replaced. It is a very sticky yarn and the shed had to be manually cleared every weft throw. But more important, when weaving it is too thick and the sett is too close. This may be due to the extreme stickiness which will not allow the weft to be beaten in properly. The rest of the warp looks fine. I do have some spare warp which is spaced dyed lavender/purple but I liked the effect of the pink and white. So I will space dye a skein pink and replace all the Leicester Longwool.

I don't intend to throw the wool warp away. My calculations show that I could get two scarves out of it if I used lambs wool as warp. The space dyed sections are only a few inches  long so I will not get a striped effect but more of  a (large) fleck. Add that to my list of possible projects!!

I have been binding more copies of the Morning Glory book. I got fed-up putting on plain brown covers and put on an ornamental Japanese wrapping paper which I think may be too thin. It is drying at the moment. I am hoping it has no wrinkles in it.

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