Thursday, 1 April 2021

Striped Fabic

I have finished the striped fabric which was on the Shacht. It is mended (odd ends to be disposed of) and washed. Not taken photos yet but will shortly. A long time ago (years and years) I asked Stacey Harvey-Brown what she did about photos of her weaving. Did she employ a professional? The answer was they were too expensive. They charged £600 to £800 a day and that would be much more today. Her advice was take  what has to be photographed outside on  a grey overcast (not too overcast)  day and look for a nice background. Well it is definitely a grey day so I will go outside and see what I can manage.

So I have taken loads of photos outdoors and the best four are shown below.

I like the last one best. I do agree that the top two show the fabric better. One thing that did shake me was the shrinkage. On-loom measurements were 0.59 by 4.10m which went to 0.48 by 3.72 m after washing. That is 15% in width and 10% in length.

I am having rest from weaving until next Tuesday when I will try to get the Megado to function after more than a year of neglect. I am tidying up everything.

PS I have a thing about warthogs which I saw wild in Africa and loved on sight. So I have two metal warthogs , Mummy and baby who is in the last photo.

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  1. Hi Pat, I know why you like the last photo, but the second is probably my favourite as I want to see the colours and the weave and I like the third as well, the fall of the cloth hints at a lady sitting cross-legged on the chair, with toes of her right foot peeping out behind skirt falling over her left leg. The light for all these is good. Some years ago, in days of film photography, in a day spent working alongside a professional photographer, I learnt to take far more photos than you think you need, give yourself plenty of choice.



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