Monday, 4 February 2019

A horrific dicovery

I suspected this yesterday but confirmed it today. Because I have been so unwell, I had taken to using a blogger app on ipad - and discovered that by no mean everything has been appearing on the blog website. No idea where they are in the ether!. So in future everything will be put on here on the desktop. So I had not written quite as little as seemed.

I have got interested enough in weaving to think of the next project. I belong to the Weave of the Month Club and the February photo took my  fancy. And then I ran into problems with trying to download the file. It turned out that I had not downloaded any files since November and anyway they had changed the download procedure. But eventually I won and printed everything out. And February was indeed interesting even though it only uses 4 shafts. It is something called Swedish overshot. and then came the discovery that I do not have any suitable yarn. THat was comes of downsizing one's stash. Well even if I ought not to do this, tomorrow I phone Mr WilliamHall - so there. I will also put the draft on Fibreworks. and I have to say that it looks difficult - more than any draft I have done for many years. Nothing like a good challenge. 

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  1. I used to have my Blog on Blogger but changed it to Wordpress when Google removed their original App. I use an iPad more then my Mac to write Blog posts since I moved and found trying to write it on the Blogger webpage was hopeless. I don’t like the appearance of my Blog as much on Wordpress and I haven’t really got to grips with how it works but at least I can write posts and know they will appear as what I have written.



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