Sunday, 18 June 2017

Dress making

Life has been very exciting over the past few days. I went to the Social gathering at Moulsford on Thursday and managed to wind a warp of light mauve 30/2 silk, five metres long. I have had a three shaft warp on the Meyer and decided to resley it from 36 epic to 24 epi. I wove one scarve with the altered warp and intend to tie on the silk warp. The use of a fine silk warp with a much thicker weft, will produce a fabric whose colour is dominated by the weft and I have some very suitable wool. The objective is to provide scarves for the Guild exhibition in September this year. The organisers want a rainbow wall of scarves. I have enough of a fine Swedish wool which has been spaced dyed.see photo.
Bobbins of space dyed wool. All bobbins are numbered and have to be used in reverse order.
 I have already made one such scarve with some of the same wool yarn but a different colour way. Black/charcoal/white/red but actually there was very little red. I do not know what I am going to do with this. It is very drab. The Moulsford meeting managed to provide good company and lots of gossip, harmless of course.

Anyway I intend to take the Meyer loom  and my warp to Leamington Spa next week when I look after Alex and the house while Anne and Derek go to Glastonbury. I ask you, at their age!! My main function is as taxi driver!

But back to now. I set off for Malvern on Friday morning for a round of appointments and visits. But ending up turning round and getting back home by 10 o'clock. I had been sick all the way. Collapsed into bed with a very high temperature and left poor Dorothy to ring everyone up and cancel everything. So now I am trying to reinstate everything.

But I made good use of the extra two days I suddenly had free. So I took to dressmaking. A top out of Dorothy 's printed cotton and a shirt out of a pile of printed batik fabric bought at Tampa Bay Convergence which was 2008! I have been doing gardening before 10 o'clock because it is too hot later. The garden looks and better.

New top. Looks a bit unironed after being worn for two hot days.

Bramble flowers are very pretty.

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