Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Being ill - well having a nasty cold

i have had a heavy cold for ten days. It got so heavy that I spent two days in bed feeling very sorry for myself. Not flu, I should add so not really ill, just miserable. Anyway, I have prepared for the mini course next Saturday, cut all the paper to size, made new samples and put everything needed in a plastic crate. I have progressed with the Megado and even started on making a bomber jacket in blue and brown lightweight tweed.

What else? Well I have signed up for an online class on the history of Japanese bookbinding methods. That is not what it is called but that is why I have joined. It starts next Monday and I cannot wait to see what it is about. I will report.

Oh and I have organised the travel for a photography course I am attending in April. I came across the photographer at the West Dean summer school last year where everyone had to attend a different class for half a day. I chose photography although I was not sure about her but I was very wrong. She was such a good teacher that I asked if she ran courses and ended up booking onto this Greek course. Did I say it was on a Greek island? Anyway I have to organise my own travel I have never been to Greece and have to change at Athens. So I will stay there for two nights and spend time seeing Athens. I had it all organised by a local travel firm.

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