Thursday, 14 January 2016

Weaving like Mad

I got the Megado up and running on Tuesday and started weaving. But of course, I did not like the black weft. It is too thin so there was much turning out of drawers as I located what I had that was suitable (no time to send for any yarn) - and then wove a few inches of fabric with each. I have ended  with a very dark brown cottolin. Yesterday I got going and finished a metre of cloth. I aim to do one metre per day and am doing one hour's weaving, then one hour's pottering about. This time last year, I wove a metre a day and was in severe pain at the end. My osteopath was furious. That fabric was in silk and was 60 ppi whereas this is 24 ppi. But I am being careful.

I am not showing any photos as I am very wary of the HGA rules for submission which are that the design/fabric not be published. What, these days, does published mean? But I can tell you that it is Beiderwand on 32 shafts and I have created a design which is based on the ceramics produced by Pueblo Indians in SW America. The thing that delights me is the realisation that I have created a 32 shaft threading where I can alter the lift plan a lot and so create any number of other designs. So I leave you with three inspiring ceramics. I bought a tiny reproduction. I wish I had bought a bigger one - and more of them. They were made 500-1000 AD.

I am doing a lot of odd jobs. A magnetic holder is installed on the Megado. The paper  stash has been rationalised. This was the result of teaching a class on Sunday making Japanese style books. I found all sorts of things I had 'mislaid'. 

I took yesterday afternoon off to go to the first class I am attending in Reading. It means using my bus pass for the first time. The course is on Bach and is very good. I came home singing - silently of course!

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