Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Tidying Up

I have turned out the cellar this morning. I still have paperwork left over from I worked. The rule is it can only be thrown out if it is more than six years ago and there are still a lot of lever arch files left on the shelves. Nevertheless, I have a boot full of stuff for the tip, various people have collected things, there is a pile of stuff in the garage for my sister and both daughters. I have turned out the rest of the drawers with the fabric stash in it and taken out lengths of material I know I will never use. I have had the nasty habit (from the storage point of view) of buying fabric if I think it would look good as a book cover. The result is that there is far too much of it. So I have taken out what I know I will never use but it is not enough. Anyway Memo to self, 'Do not buy any more fabric'. I have found a surprise and where it came from I have no idea. I have a red silk sari with a small paisley pattern all over it and a very nice border. It has not got the section at one end to make a blouse from. So what can I do with that? Lining for a black jacket? 
Having said Do not buy any more fabric, I said to myself a few weeks ago 'Do not buy any more yarn'. Well. Two examples of rule breaking already! For the seamless garment, which is a Coptic shroud, I ought to use linen. My fine linen yarn is so old it has been thrown out and I bought a replacement cone a week ago. Rosie Price brought into Guild a box of Zephyr yarn from  Roderick Owen as he is downsizing. You can't expect me to ignore Zephyr yarn at halfprice! So I have purchased 2 or 3 balls each in four different colours.
I have been talking to, well corresponding with, two members of Midlands Textile Forum. I have not been happy but have realised on talking to them that they see me as a weaver doing a different technique to the others and that thinking of copying/competing with the members who are into mixed media is daft. That is not what I do well and that is not what they want me to do. So I shall be exhibiting lengths of silk! Or seamless garments! I am a lot happier.

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