Thursday 23 January 2014

Convergence Yardage

I finished 3.5 metres of yardage for my Convergence entry last night and looked at my stash of Japanese gold thread. The problem, immediately obvious, was that the gold thread is on white paper and therefore the yardage will look different on both sides. Not acceptable so bang went that idea. I looked out some Lurex and some other fancy green yarn and went off to bed with a painful back from too much weaving.

I woke up early and rethought everything. This is supposed to be yardage and not a wall hanging. If I had gone on with last night's ideas, it would have been another Castlemorton Common. So I abandoned all the fancy yarns and just wove another half metre. Then I cut it off the loom. It was now 0930 am. It did not take long to tidy up a few loose ends but another problem appeared. The fabric was very stiff. I remember Rosie Price saying that silk noil needed a good wash. The rain had stopped and the studio was bright so I set about taking the photographs which are called for in the entry form. At 1530, I stopped taking photos. I had started indoors (colours not right), moved outdoors (sun came out and stayed out), moved to garage ( rotten background), moved into the garden and constructed a shade of black material anchored down with lead pots. I used all the garden furniture in the assemblage and eventually got some passable pictures. In passing, I snarled at everyone who phoned up and gave up answering the phone as being more polite.

I washed the yardage and it was very dirty or the brown dye was coming out. It took four washes with Woolite and four rinses together clear water out. What is now worrying me is whether the colours are now different and the photos inaccurate. Maybe it will be drier tomorrow.

The good bit of the day was a email saying the Early Music Shop has sold one of Michael's instruments and they owe me lots of money. And the silk chiffon I dyed yesterday in Procion MX has worked fine. I am going to a class on felting in 10 days and the list calls for silk chiffon. There are two shiboried Tshirts in dye at the moment and will be ready tomorrow.

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