Tuesday, 26 November 2013

At Last, A Bit Of Weaving!

It was my intention to weave yesterday but it never happened. Instead people turned up at the door to do things, see if the new spare room is okay, deliver things (several times), inspect a tree. It needs to come down - and that involved extra work for me because we live in a Conservation Area and I had to check with the Council whether I need planning permission. And I do and please take lots of photos as a record. And two men from the Council will inspect the tree. The time this has all happened, the tree will have fallen down. It has honey fungus and the bottom two feet of the trunk is badly rotted. One high wind and it might come down. Oh well. Trouble - and expense. It is by the way a large eucalyptus, over 40 foot high.

When I was thinking of going to bed, I got sidetracked on the Overshot drafts. I dyed some silk for this on Sunday and will warp up as soon as the skeins are totally dry. They were dry this morning and I have carefully washed them in Woolite and hung them up.

I went to bed past midnight, having sorted out the draft. I wanted to have two stripes of different overshot and to get that both overshot patterns have to be turned. So the two above are (left) Mary Ann Ostrander and (right) Johann Schleelinein No 120 both from Marguerite Porter Davison's book. In the first draft I did, I did not match up the two patterns carefully enough. This time, the weft repeat for the right one is 60 and the left one is 30 throws and it looks okay. So the repeat for weaving is 60 throws. Tedious. There will a lot more plain weave. I only put in enough to show up that I had it right. Each pattern needs 6 shafts and this project will be woven on my 12 shaft Meyer. 

This morning, I started the day by weaving for an hour on the Megado.  It is coming along. I am wevaing with 30/2 silk and so it is not growing at a great rate. But I reckon that if I weave for an hour and do something else for an hour, I might get it finished by Thursday.,

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