Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Art in Action, Making a Jacket and so on

Art in Action was very hot and inside some of the marquees, it was stifling. But we, Maddie and myself, inspected everything. We even sat through a thirty minute demo of glass blowing which was notable for the demonstrator telling us why he did each action. Very well done in deed. We particularly liked the tent of International Art which included a Turkish outfit from Instanbul demonstrating Turkish marbling. Very skilled. Just look at the photo which  is not as good as it could be because the stall was crowded with watchers.
There was a man from Bokhara, Uzbekistan, selling susanis and small rugs, including cheap 'silk' ones. Not a patch on mine. Some highclass Russian goldwork.

There was a miniature painter from Rajasthan.
He was painting a border of flowers much like this finished one. Again difficult to get a good photo because of the crowds. The other marquees we liked were the one devoted to Calligraphers and Illustrators and the Print Makers.

Lunch cowering under a parasol and an icecream at the end. We did think of buying things but it was difficult to get attention so we abandoned it.

I have been to several events this year which I have intended to visit for years, the Antique Textile Market, the Royal Academy's Summer Show, Hampton Court Flower Show and Art in Action. The first two I would not worry if I never went again, the third well possibly but Art in Action - oh yes. A great day out. We were there for four hours and could have done with longer but the heat got to us by 3pm.

Then Friday to Sunday I attended a class in Making your own Chanel Jacket. This is very labour intensive and I came home on Sunday evening with the body of the jacket finished except for some handsewing and, since then I have started on the sleeves. Because I have been out of the house for five days, I needed to catch up the post, write a handout for a weaving class with another Guild this autumn, pick up Castlemorton Common from Redditch and write letters. But that's all done and today will be devoted to the jacket.

I am getting on quite well with the website and have finished another section. I have two more to do.
The weather broke yesterday evening with thunderstorms which continued through the night and I have heard the odd rumble this morning. Fortunately I took a photo of my hollyhocks early yesterday. I love hollyhocks but, if you try to buy plants around here, you can only get these ridiculous double ones which look like pompoms, So I grew mine from seed and they are large bushy plants with lovely large flowers. So far I have pale pink, pale yellow and a dark red which is almost black. That one is hidden in the photo below. The plant on the left is taller than me and I am 5ft 5inches.

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