Monday, 25 September 2017

Weaving Space Dyed Tencel

The Tencel is set at 30 epi and weaving on a table loom is slooow. But I am getting there

The photo does not show the texture. The vertical lines (Tencel warp) are raised slightly giving a ribbed effect in texture. The weft is a 30/2 'indigo' cotton.

On Saturday, Ruth and I set out on a great expedition. We went to the Sewing Bee exhibition at EXCEL in the Docklands. The journey took 3 hours each way!!! When I arrived at EXCEL, I was grumbling about the journey time. When I left, it was a different story. It was a really good exhibition. Loads of high class exhibitors and we spent a lot of money. But then we found exactly what we wanted. It is a much smaller show than is held in the NEC but then a lot of exhibitors there are just dross. So happy.

And on Sunday Dorothy and I went to the Wokingham Art Trail. And this knocks Berkshire Open Studios out of the ring. We only got round three venues but they were all great. And I ended up borrowing money from Dorothy to buy Christmas presents. Really high class. Gloria Pitt, a local weaver, was there with her ethereal scarves.  A great treat all round.

Today Dorothy has gone to visit a friend and I am tidying up and finishing odd jobs. You know the kind of thing. I cannot take any photos of samples until I have cut some card windows and I cannot do that because I have a repaired book drying on the cutting mat. I need to cut out card to make a cover for the repaired book but I cannot get in to do that until the book has dried either. Oh well. Time for lunch.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Warping Up

It occurred to me that I have not posted photos of weaving for a long time. There is a reason -  because 90% of what I have been doing recently (last 6 months) is for various books to be published and you are not allowed to publish such data. So I have done a lot - but it is all finished and I can show pictures again. The one below is my warping up on the Kombo using the valet set in the ceiling. I have now got to the stage of threading and it is very slow. it is very fine thread.
And yes the warp is weighted with a plastic milk carton two thirds full of water.

Today I drove to Leamington Spa by way of Chesterton Mill.

And yes it was very grey.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Back to Normality

Well, more or less. I have wound a warp of 20/2 space dyed Tencel, bought at Tampa Bay Convergence. At long last I have found a draft worthy of it. Nothing to show yet except one warp being wound.

The garden is in fine shape. The sweet peas are over but not the French beans or the tomatoes. I grew three different lots of rudbeckia and they are all in flower now. The third lot are not to my taste. The flowers are half the size of those in the photos and are white with a red flash at the centre - and lots of flowers on a plant. I like them flamboyant.

And last but first in my list are the zinnias.

I tidied up my studio this morning. You can actually see the floor! And I started on tying the Megado warp on. It was cut off so I could take photos. But I need the Megado to do something else, not the Tencel piece which will be woven on the Louet Kombo. So it is back to weaving with a vengeance. Nothing like a lot of bus journeys staring out of the window and thinking!!!

Saturday, 9 September 2017


We had a concert in the morning then I went round the city centre being a nuisance with a camera.

The ceiling of Thomaskirche where Bach worked.

Not a church, not the main University building and yes it is finished!

I spotted this very modern church from the bus entering Leipzig yesterday I asked the tour staff exactly where it was on the ring road so I could go back and photograph it. But no one knew what I was talking about. So after I had 'done' the city centre, I returned to the hotel and looked at Google Satellite view and it was 20 minutes walk away. So I went. Very new and rather special. The square tower is very high and has no windows to break the line. There are Large Victorian buildings all around it.


We stopped off at Sangerhausen to hear an organ recital but the rest of the day was spent being bussed around, ending up in Leipzig. Not helped by the bus driver backing into a stout metal post at the edge of the pavement. We made a detour to a bus depot and there were banging and drilling noises from the rear of the bus. And then we were off again.

As a result no photos but there will be today, I promise you. This is because we have a concert at ten and one at 2000 so in between is free. We walked about the centre last night and it is a big exuberant city with lots of very modern architecture and modern sculptures in the streets. I have seen several things I want to photograph. I will post these late afternoon. Tomorrow we go home, bus to Berlin, then flight to Heathrow. I might look for a lens I want in the airport. I looked in Heathrow on the way out but I was not sure it was the one I wanted. I found my notes on the lens later and it was and it was exactly the same cost as Wex photographic so I was right not to buy it. I was hoping to save at least a hundred pounds.

I have been thinking (always a bad thing, I hear you say). This time about weaving. It was triggered by two abstract paintings in the Bauhaus museum in Weimar

Two paintings at the Bauhaus museum. And they got me thinking about Nevinson and then as an extension, the thought 'could that be a weave'. So I have been playing with IWeaveIt on the iPad. I am very slow on this package because I use Fibreworks extensively. But slowly slowly and produce two or three drafts. What I was interested in was changing the treading so that the weft colour became more and more prominent and thus I could create sections with shaded colours. I cannot see a way of inserting graphics from the weaving software into this blog. So that will have to wait. 

Thursday, 7 September 2017


Weimar is much bigger than I expected and I managed to get quite seriously lost on my way to this evening's concert. Fortunately a kind German lady saw me peering at a map and then at the street names. She did not speak much English but I rather think she was saying 'I would not start from her if I were you' then she escorted me until we could see the church. I must say I have been on my feet for 4.5 hours today! A good concert this morning, then I looked for a baroque library. Very spectacular in pale blue and gold and no cameras. However they did allow cameras into an exhibition about the great fire of a few years ago. They showed a horrific video. Out of 150,000 books, 30,000 were totally destroyed and a lot of the rest were badly damaged.

Two examples of what is left. They have put a lot of effort in repair and there were a lot of examples where they shown a photo of the damaged book and then the actual repaired book by its side

And just so as you see a happy present day Weimar.

The market in full swing.
I also went to the Bauhaus museum which was great. But rather small. Another good concert in the evening and back to the hotel to pack. We are off to Leipzig tomorrow. 


Yesterday's concerts were very good. And then we were bussed to our hotels in Weimar. In Altendorf 200people were recommended to visit the castle museum and the museum visibly buckled at the knees. The ticket seller was frantic and the rest of the staff were very bemused. The objective was a very curious set of dolls. An 18th century princess and her ladies had made small scenes of life as lived then. There is a butcher, a hat shop, a barrel maker complete with all tools and oddments. The dolls are about six inches high. The nobility are shown playing backgammon, card games, dancing, all with the court musicians in attendance. Very interesting. 

Part of the town walls which are mostly gone.

The Rathaus - town hall

Another nice house in the great square.

Most of today is at leisure and I have a list of things to see. No point in telling you what. I will report further tomorrow


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