Saturday, 15 January 2011

Dyed Shopper

I acquired five shopping bags in calico from my Friday class and decided driving home that I could use up the Procion MX dye I had left to dye a bag. This is it. The grey/white lightning lines are couched silver lurex - which looks dull in the photo and nice in real life. I am quite pleased with it. It gave me a chance to practice using metallic threads which I want to do in my project - but I unpicked  all the metallic silver thread from the bag as the thread was too thin and does not make the impact I wanted. Hence the couched down lurex.

Some of Thursday's dyeing is still damp. The wool is all dried and is a very pleasing colour. When the Voyager comes home next Thursday, I will warp it up with this wool for the lace weave class. The student is going to take away a rigid heddle loom instead of the Voyager. She has some very fancy knitting yarn which she is going to use for a weft and make some cushions. And she only needs tabby so the rigid heddle is okay.

I am making great progress with Summer and Winter and it might be taken off tomorrow. On talking to the tutor at the Bourneville class on Friday, I realised that I had not factored in the Midlands Textile Forum's Exhibition in Leek in September this year. I was horrified. I can't warp up anything specially as other projects must come first. A bit of lateral thinking and I have decided to use the tail of the Summer and Winter warp to do trees (yes again). I have done Spring and am ready to do autumn. I will only weave two and they will be mounted separately but in the same frame. That means a mount board with two rectangles cut in it.  They will not be plain weaving but embellished in some way as yet undecided. I will play with them when they are off the loom.

The Friday class was excellent as usual. I spent the entire time doing one small piece of embroidery on Aquafoil. I have not had the courage to wash the aquafoil off yet!!

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