Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Dorothy's Suggestions

What would we do without Photoshop? My sister, Dorothy thought the problem with the Doilies piece was that it was too heavy in the centre. Why not cut it up and re-arrange the pieces? Quilters do that all the time. 

With the aid of Photoshop I tried it out. Definitely an improvement.

Slice it up and shuffle the slices up and down. No way. Still heavy in the middle.

I tried this out with different colours of background and with shuffling the slices around. Maybe.

But I quite like the first one. I am well and truly out of my comfort zone here. I will consult with the tutor on Friday.

I have finished my lace samples and washed one piece - the lower one in photo on the left. Because the yarn was dyed by me, most of the shrinkage has happened already. The appearance of the  lace has not changed much. There are three patterns in the bottom one and two in the top.  I have already woven more than 12 inches on the scarf itself.

This afternoon I am taking Michael to see the BBC Wildlife Photography Exhibition at Twigworth which is just north of Gloucester.


  1. I love this very creative solution to a design problem. The first rearrangement is definitely my favorite!

  2. The more I look at it, the more I like it. It is like looking through foliage. I have slightly re-arranged it on Photoshop so it looks even better. Watch this space.



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