Thursday, 4 September 2014

Evernote vs Outlook

I may have solved a serious problem. For me anyway.

For years I have been a devotee of Tasks in Outlook. When I got the iPad, I ended up using its Reminders and transferring these thoughts manually to the desktop when back at home. The trouble is that, when I am away from home, I seem to have more free time to think! So I have spent a lot of time on the web, trying to find a way of syncing the two computers. As far as I could make out, it could not be done. In the end, I used iPad support and actually spoke to someone! He thought it could not be done but checked with someone and called back to say no and there were no plans to do this.

General miffedness ensued. I continued to follow this up in a desultory way and suddenly came across Evernote. Now that has been around  for a long time and I have heard good things about it. So I downloaded it onto Orion (the desktop) and the iPad very late on Monday evening. Next morning I had a message from it saying that the syncing had been done and reproachfully saying that there was nothing to sync!

I had printed out all tasks from Outlook and brought it with me to Leamington Spa where I am looking after two grandchildren for a couple of days. So last night I entered up all tasks. So far it all seems all okay. I need to enter more data when I get home. I think my problem has been sorted. 

Today I will start out on tablet weaving. Alice Schlein ( has a nice device for holding a set of tablet weaving cards. Trouble is it will take up room so I may just use the nearest door handle.

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