Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Cowering in the Sitting Room

The electricians are in full residence. They started by asking for everything in this half of the house to be switched off. That includes the desktop, two printers and the laptop which runs the Megado. Not to mention that they switched off the lights everywhere so it was hard to work out what to do.
I have completed the double weave book and started a sample of pleated double weave. I have discovered a few facts which are
  1. You weave a short section on both faces call them A front and B back
  2. You interchange front and back, A for B, and weave only on the new front, B, for a bit - 2 cm for me
  3. You change faces so B is now below
  4. This is the difficult bit. You pad up the warp for face, A, behind the heddles. You want the fell-line in B to match the fell-line in A When you start weaving
  5. You weave both faces for a bit -2 cm. A is on top, B below making sure that the pleat in B has folded up
  6. repeat from 2 above
With a bit more changing of faces, you can produce a pleat on both sides of the warp or on the same side. All this needs careful attention to the tension. I have only tried on the tail end of warp but it would be much better/easier with two warp beams and that is what I shall do in the future.
This was all on the Louet which needs to be warped up with the next project which is the Black Jack. This involves putting on a warp of the space dyed Aland wool. Because of the space dyeing, I set up three sets of dowels and carefully spaced them to get a good colour run on the warp. That is done with only a few yards of yarn left over! The length and width was calculated to use up the yarn.
Next I need to decide whether I could get away with using the Tencel double weave warp as a ghost warp because it is set up on eight shafts with a straight draw. I have more than enough threads on the Louet but it is sett at 36epi for one cloth. I need to resley before I tie on.
A second volume of '500 handmade books' has been published and, because I enjoyed the first one so much, I bought Volume 2. It is nothing like so good. The first volume was definitely books, with admittedly a fair number of strange bindings. Volume 2 is specifically artists' books and they are, in the main, not interesting. The book contents are trite, facile and politically correct and mostly unattractive. This is not going to be allowed a place on my bookshelves.

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