Monday, 24 March 2014


The demise of my desktop has left all sorts of problems. I had to go up town last week and get some expensive printing done because I could not access my printer - but I can access all my files. Thank heaven for Dropbox! Saturday was spent at the last weaving class, lecturing on drafting and making the students weave strips of paper, admiring all the finished items in overshot and planning for the future.

On Sunday I went to the Sewing for Pleasure show at the NEC, Birmingham with my daughter, Ruth. I bought material to use as lining for a bag and a length for a jacket from Linton Tweeds. I do not need a new jacket but I found I could not walk away from one particular length. My only consolation is that Ruth, who discovered the joys of sewing  a few months ago, spent far more than I did. She has never been to anything like it before!

So what with computer problems and gallivanting, the house is littered with hardly started projected. I have another African Tree to do. I am getting better as we go along and I have plenty of warp left. I only intended to make three but think there may be five in the end.

I got up early this morning (6 am) and sat on the edge of the bed thinking about what was in the rest of house. The biggest shambles was in the hall where I had skeins of handspun in piles according to colour. These are all for a handspun blanket. I decided that I had get on with this and

1) wound the ghost warp in 6/2 cotton 2 yds long
2) took each colour, weighed it , divided the skeins into two equal weights (with a little bit more in the warp pile), turned all the skeins into balls
3) wound six separate warps each 3 yards long with half the colour in each.

And it was after 1 o`clock when I finished.

This is to be woven double with the fold in the centre of the white strip. So what the photo shows is half the warp. When woven, it will be twice the width of the warp which is 38 inches. Next to put the ghost warp on the Megado.

I have ordered a new computer. A friendly expert discussed the status quo with me this morning and agreed with my analysis that it was dead. So the new computer arrives tomorrow morning and he appears in the afternoon to try to rescue files from the old hard disk. Oh well, it is very old for a computer, at least eight years. When I was a consultant engineer, I got a new state-of-the-art computer every 12 to 18 months. But to be honest I don't think they are improving at the rate they were in the 90s.

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