Thursday, 28 January 2010

Back to the Bookbinding Class

I missed the first bookbinding class of the session due to snow but made it yesterday.  I stripped off the board covers from Omar Khayyam, discussed with Angela Sutton, the tutor, what weight of paper I needed to print the endpapers on I have decided to print out the end-papers on both printers. I suspect that printing on the Inkjet will not work if I use waterbased paste on the back whereas the Laserjet, though not so good a printer, has wax-based inks.
I also sewed 2 lots of paper to make two notebooks. I am using Tesco's finest watercolour paper and have 96 pages - 24 sheets folded once)-in each book. I will cover one, possibly both, in woven silk. I must also look out some nice end-papers for the m. I have just bought some more of Fibrecrafts  lovely swirly paper and hope I can use that.

Yesterday I visited Michael in hospital, clutching a plastic bag of 60/2 silk samples to see what he thought of my ideas for a fan reed weaving - see No Snow! and Fan Reeds. The very first weaving  with the fan reed was various green cottons while the second was brown/green 60/2 silk. I decided to be loud and vulgar this time. The warp will be white, scarlet and orange with a yellow weft. The weaving on a fan reed looks best with cycling through three colours in the 'stripes'. The royal blue is for the 'edges'. I am going to outline each stripe with 3 threads of this colour  so I should have dark blue wiggles down the cloth. I am putting on 6 yds of warp. The scarlet and yellow were acid-dyed by me. Nice to find a use for them.

I have invested in a roller temple for the Megado. It comes from Fireside Looms in the States. My widest temple is ferocious and, while most of the holes wash out, I don't like it. So the Megado is sitting with 6 yards of 90/2 silk warp still on it and not tied up since I removed the first 5 yards ten days ago. The roller temple is due in ten days by which time the room will have its redecoration completed. I want to weave a length to enter for the Association Exhibition which means finishing by March 1st. The draft is ready and the colours selected so 12 hours weaving will see it completed.

I would like to start on the fan reed warp today but I must finish cleaning up  garage and start shifting stuff into it ready for Monday's invasion by the workmen.

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