Saturday, 20 June 2015


I had a great time finishing the blue/brown fabric. I handwashed a sample, I put a sample in at 40 degrees for 2 hours (shrank to half size and is like a board) and I finally washed as wool at 30 degrees which shrunk it enough to make a nice firm cloth.
It will be put away, carefully wrapped up. I am currently warping up a 12 shaft loom with 16/2 cotton and making a bad job of it. The trouble is that I have not warped up much for 6 months. I need to do what I did years ago, one warp and one scarf woven every two days for 5 scarves. I was good at the end!

Today we took a day out and went to Bilston crafts gallery to see an exhibition of art quilts. Very high class with items from people like Elizabe5th Barton and the Kemshalls.

The top one is by Deidre Adams, an American, and the bird by one of the Kemshalls.

Once upon a time (about 30 years ago), there was a girl who was keen on music and she went to Glastonbury one year and kept going to Glastonbury until she went, 6 months pregnant, in a year which was notable for the depth of the mud - and fainted into the mud. The resulting hullaboo has become family legend. The bump is now 16 and has just finished her exams. Her parents asked if there was anything she would like to do as a sort of holiday, the school being casual about attendance at this time. She replied, Go to Glastonbury with you. Mum, Dad and Madi are going to Glastonbury leaving me (Granny) in charge of Alex for the week as his school is not casual about taking holidays in termtime. I am busy making lists of things to take to pass the time!!! 12 shaft loom, check, associated tools, check, laptop with Fibreworks on it, check, scanned pages from Jeremiah Fielding, check. You get the idea.

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