Tuesday, 25 February 2014


Irises in Savill Gardens. Mine never naturalise like this!

On the othe hand, my crocuses are thinking of taking over the world! 22 years ago we planted the rowan on the left and put 20 crocus bulbs underneath it. They obviously like it there!

I finished off the mudflats on the Megado yesterday and wove a few rows of triangles. The warp is 90/2 silk and the weft is 30/2 silk. The other side is reversed but I think this looks better. I have about 0.75 m of warp left - enough to make a bag for the National Exhibition.

I have used very little of the Japanese gold yarn. It is all a bit slow. And laying in the yarn so that the gold is uppermost is difficult. I discovered the secret is to lay in the yarn, change sheds and then beat because that traps the gold yarn right way up. I can't see me hurrying to do this again. Especially as I have 4 yards of Theo Moorman technique to do now!

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