Thursday, 28 February 2013


I have woven 6 yards of what I suppose is really tweed. I managed to do more than a yard a day when all the ski shuttles were brought into play. Given that it is sleyed at 9 epi, you would have thought I could have managed more per day but the problem was having five loaded ski shuttles in use all the time. Every four picks, the shuttle had to be changed and the yarns had to be straightened out.  Last night, it was hemmed on the loom, cut off behind the knots and all the ends mended. There were not very many of them. A tribute to the way the yarn was spun and plied, I suppose, but I had not a single broken/bust/disintegrated warp thread. One interesting fact is that it was 36 inches in the reed but 33 inches off the loom - even though I used a temple. I want a final width of 30 inches and it still has to be finished. That is next Monday's job when Linda and I are going to put it in my bath and walk on it. I wove to within three inches of the knots.
I am attending a camera class at the local Technical College and took the tweed outside for a phot session. I have ended up with four halfway decent photos - but we decided these should not be published.
I have gone back to the Quigley on the Voyager. The Kennet Valley Guild Challenge for the March meeting on Saturday is 'Chocolate' and my scarf is called 'Belgian Chocolate, White and Milk'. So I want to finish this by Friday night!!
In the stash, I found a large quantity of Shetland 2-ply from Handweavers Studio bought many years ago. The photo does not really do it justice as there is a different pattern on the back. When it comes off the loom, I will try to take a more artistic photo.
After Saturday, I will tie on the Bourrette silk warps to the ghost warp on the Megado and paint the warp. I have a photo of Castlemorton Common I want to base this weaving on.  The Thermofax I am going to use on the woven cloth  has arrived. I am looking forward to this as I have not done anything like this for ages.  Note that I said warps. I intend to weave two warps side by side at the same time. This will make sure that I have colours aligned across the two warps. I have not done this before but can't see any problems (I bet there are though).
One other point, someone said to me that I seemed to be forever weaving and what about the dusting? Well it gets done but I don't find it very interesting and so assume that noone else does either!  Recently I did turn out the hall cupboard which contains large quantities of yarn and I was horrified at the stuff in there which I will never use. So that is going to the Guild meeting on Saturday. I intend to do the same to the contents of the window seat soon.
And just in case you were wondering, my face has healed up completely. I have taken some of the spotlights out and will put them back when they are needed. I wear my visored cap for weaving under these arc lights!!!

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