Saturday, 19 January 2013

Back to the Megado

Well, not quite. I spent the morning tidying up mostly paperwork but answering emails as well and sorting out dates for courses. I also paid the Tax man which requires transferring money around and that all takes time.

One interesting thing I did yesterday was to create some Bateman Chevron drafts, thinking that they would be useful for the handspun I am about to weave but I thought the drafts were boring and went back to a draft based on feathers.

I have put in the grey and black plus some white dyed indigo in three shades. the weft is white. I like this but am bothered. Is this someone else's draft and, if so, whose? It is on 32 shafts which make it sound unlikely that someone else did it.  There are no notes on the topic. I will have to search the web and see what I can find. The draft is dated March 2010. Anyone who recognises it please get in touch. I don't want to get across someone else's copyright.


  1. I don't recognize it. I've done some similar threadings on 20 shafts (plus 4 for a baskeet selvedge). However, if the treadling is meant to be a network based on a 4-end initial, there are some errors that take it off the intended initial.Which sometimes leads to unintended floats...

  2. I take your point about the floats - and the errors! I will need to work on this. I am not sure what the sett will be for the handspun. But I suspect that it will not be more than 8 or 9 epi. Which means a float of 5 is not good idea. Unless it felts a lot when washed. Oh well lots of experiments coming up. This may have to be a straightforward twill. As I recall, the original was intended to be woven in silk sett at 60epi in which case a float of 7 would be acceptable.



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