Monday, 21 January 2013

A Total Wreck

That's me - a total wreck. A Linux expert came to sort out my email problems and poked about for a few minutes. Then announced that the hard drive on the master server was on its way to the great dustbin in the sky where it would (presumably) live happily ever after, knowing that it had served for seven years. There was the small point that a lifetime of emails and my address book were on this machine. AAAAARRRRGGGGHH!

I have prepared (slightly) for getting rid of the Linux machines by starting a Google account and I was thinking of moving things. The other thing I did immediately after New Year was to check that there were no files I wanted/needed on either of the Linux machines.  The expert did know how to get the info into Googlemail! And the address book has been successfully transferred. I have editted out all the unwanted addresses and recreated the Groups. He also transferred the email folders across. Some of them have gone across but not them all and I am not sure about the contents. He did mutter about it all taking 24 hours so I will wait a bit.

That, as you can imagine, has taken a great deal of time. I did start on adding heddles to the Meyer 12 shaft only to run into problems trying to get the shafts unbolted. Eventually Wendy Morris discovered the right screwdriver to use and I have undone one shaft. I have finished off the enamels and they are hung. I don't see me doing any weaving as I have wasted most of today instead of warping up the Meyer 12-shaft.

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