Tuesday, 11 November 2014

A Frog in the House

There is a small frog in the house - some where. I suspect the office but I am NOT looking under the desks for him. I left the front door open yesterday while I unloaded the car, then took a call before I was through unloading and I think he must have come in then. We met each other in the hall and were both very startled. I shot into the sittingroom to think about it and he leapt 15 inches in the air and made off down the corridor to the office. So I have not seen him since. He will starve in this house. He is leaf brown and about two inches long in the body.
I am weaving off the rest of the Hana Ori - as towels. I thought about using Four Colour Double Weave but I have enough lengths of that already and decided to find twill patterns which would use a point twill on 32 shafts. I adapted one of Strickler's patterns  which was for 8 shafts (blue above) and two from Pennington which were for 16 shafts. One is the brown above. The weft is 6/2 cotton (blue) and 22/2 Cottolin (brown). I am zipping through these and should have all three done by tomorrow at the latest.
Then it is fine linen and the seamless garment. I am getting worried about the inkle bands an d have almost decided that I would find it easier and quicker to use a table loom. This is because I have never warped up an inkle loom and do not thin k I have time to learn. I have signed up for a class in January but that is too late. I need this finished by December

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  1. Your small visitor sounds like the ones we have here - tiny but very vocal. There are several in the shrubbery just outside the study, and at least one in the courtyard - he lives in the potted plants and loves to tease the cat by climbing up the living room window, while the cat tries to swat at him through the glass from inside the room.



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