Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Shock Horror

This is all Rosie Price's fault. We have bought a load of worsted yarn for the Guild weaving course starting January and we have had so many sign up that Rosie is worrying whether we have bought enough yarn. The whole story started when I said brightly. ' I have a lot in my stash. I will let you know what I have'.

So at 1430 yesterday, the saga began. I opened the window seats and realised that my list of wool and worsted yarn bore no relationship to what was there. A complete examination was required. I have now improved on the previous list system but I have yarn I had forgotten about. At 2130 I had finished the wool and worsted. And have not got enough worsted for my own needs never mind the students.

I slept very badly and had nightmares about searching all over the house for stashes of yarn, like in the gas meter cupboard which is outside. Today I have continued and dealt with the linen, cottolin, manmade fibre, yarn mixes. I still have to do fancy yarns which I have found all of and they are all together. I have to do silk and cotton but I know there is a lot of that and wonder whether it is worth bothering with a detailed list. Maybe 'eleven cones of silk noil' would be sufficient.

The result is four cones going to the tip tomorrow and a whole rubbish sack full of yarn looking for good homes at the next Guild meeting. Also some very nice yarn going out as Christmas presents And some nice wool waiting to be inspected by Dorothy who arrives this weekend. I definitely have a smaller volume of yarn now but I still have far too much. What is upsetting is that I have obviously been buying Tencel from Just Our Yarns without weaving much of it up. There is some glorious 20/2 space dyed Tencel. The Guild is having its biennial weekend retreat in November along with a silent auction. I think I might donate a couple of skeins of the space dyed Tencel.

I have had enough of cross checking lists for a week too and am off to the Megado. I corrected the first section draft and must now weave the secon section and check that.


  1. You've just proved the adage that stash contents breed happily in the dark. Welcome to the club. Here's to lots of healthy de-stashing!

  2. I hadn't thought of them breeding in the dark. There is certainly is no doubt that I have no memory of buying/acquiring a lot of what I found. Maybe I go sleepwalking?



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