Monday, 28 April 2014

The End of the Exhibition

The exhibition at Nature in Art is over and mostly stripped down. I have to return today sometime to collect items to be stored for other people. We had lots of visitors  who were happy to talk and occasionally I would find myself listening to memories of textiles from someone's childhood. I would say that the people who came were mostly practicioners who were interested in the techniques used. I did find doing six days as Artist in Residence hard work. It was not helped by my own stupidity in  deciding about  looms. The first two days were spent weaving two more African trees. Then I decided to take in a loom which I was warping up for huck lace. That did not take well to being interrupted and I brought it back unfinished. I am sure it is full of errors. It is not going to get checked any time soon as I am off to Spain next Sunday to walk the Camino de Compostela and I must walk at least two hours every day from today on.

On Saturday morning I drove my usual route to Nature in Art and south of Tewkesbury at a round about came across two enormous cranes, two earth movers and a very large number of men in yellow hard hats. My attention was fixed on negotiating this lot but it did seem that they were putting something actually on the roundabout. The next morning I stopped down the road and took photos.
From the cars, you can see these two statues are very large. They commemorate the Battle of Tewkesbury which was one of the deciding battles in the Civil War. I have got one photo with no cars but used this photos a) to show the scale and b) to record the red and black car behind the knight - which is a very ancient Rolls. Not often seen on the road.

The auriculas are massed outside the front door and still very cheering. Now off to sort out the money taken at the exhibition.

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  1. Love the sculptures! And the Rolls. Remind me to tell you some day about the time we got to ride in the London Lord Mayor's parade in the 2nd oldest Rolls in the UK (the oldest was on exhibit out of the country at the time...). Open top, we froze!



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