Thursday, 24 April 2014


That's me, artist in residence at Nature in  Art. I took along two looms. One is the 12 shaft Meyer on which I am doing yet more African trees in Theo Moorman technique and the other has been borrowed from Kennet Valley Guild for the public to have a go on. I have to say that I am not getting a lot of weaving done - because we are incredibly busy! And all the visitors are very chatty. They want to know about everything. How it's made, who did it, what's next. Lots of people ,especially the men, interested in having a go on the loom. So very worth while. It's a long day. I leave here at 0930 and get home at 1800 and work hard in between. I don't do much else but then  I did not expect to. Evenings are spent in front of the TV with eyes glazed. No exhibition I have stewarded has ever been remotely like this. The space is never empty and often very full.

I have been reading Tien Chiu's blog and amazed at the varieties of citrus fruit she has access to. I never realised that there could be varieties of lemons and oranges. Then I realised that this is because they grow these commercially in California and she might at sea here in buying plums. Actually, the rest of the UK is pretty ignorant about plums too. I have no time for the UK staple- Victorias but look for Early Orleans or Marjorie Seedlings. I know my Pershore Eggs from my Svetchen.

There are more auriculas in flower and I have photos but have left the camera at Nature in Art so will load photos this evening.

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