Saturday, 9 November 2013

Working Harder than Ever

On Wednesday I drove to Egham (Ruth's house) and stayed the night in preparation for attending Bonnie Inouye's course in London on Thursday. The course was quite mind-bending and we all had trouble keeping up with the lecturer! However she covered a lot of ground  about Turned Tied Weaves plus a few other goodies thrown in. I shall take her handout with my notes to Leamington Spa today where I am looking after a grandson. I hope to expand on the notes as I read through everything.

In the evenings, Christmas and New Year were discussed. To be honest I had forgotten about Christmas and have done nothing about it, not even a thought about Christmas presents. Ruth and Robin were more interested in the food and the planning was all ready. Charlotte, my eldest grand-daughter, has taken to organising things and had written a plan. With her and Ruth and Anne (who is the world's most assiduous organiser) there is no point in me getting involved, except of course when I feel strongly about their decisions! It all ended up at Majestics (a wine store) where I spent a lot of money buying wines for a wine tasting that has been set up. I have a huge to-do list which was generated by Ruth. Oh well.

I drove home on Friday morning and got here at 0815 am. Did a huge amount of small jobs, realised I need to do the accounts for the Midlands Textile Forum which has become this morning's job, went down to the local furniture and bought two beds, two mattresses and a chest of drawers for the upstairs office which is well on the way to being a spare bedroom. Next week, the new lighting and power sockets are installed and the room is decorated.  I also got everything ready for goign to Dundee where I am teaching Japanese bookbinding. So there is a huge pile of stuff in the hall ready to be packed in the car.

And what have I done in the way of textiles? I have been weaving off what is left on the Voyager of a garish double weave. I am using a grey cotton as the weft to tone it all down.

The Voyager and a garish warp. You can see the effect of using the grey weft quite clearly.  The reason for this photo was that the Guild needs a few photo of looms. I am hoping to use the fabric to make a bag like the one Cally Booker made at the Association Summer School in August - see here.

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