Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Wrung Out but with Halo

I have spent the last two days doing paperwork and have got to the end! A day to celebrate! When Michael died, I was left/landed with three current accounts and money stashed in  places that did not pay much for the privilege of having our money. My accountant was quite censorious about this. Last Friday I managed to close down the outstanding current account (I started the process in June 2012!!!), leaving me with just one. So this afternoon, I sorted out the last problems at the bank and it is all done, fini, completed!!

In addition, I did a lot of work on wif files for Kennet Valley members who cannot read such files and pictures were all shipped out. I answered all the post and sorted out the Society of Bookbinders accounts (Birmingham region only).

The other thing I did which reduced me to a gibbering wreck was to organise transport between Dulles Airport and Chevy Chase where the Complex Weavers Seminars are being held. But I managed to book it, pay for it and have some very lucid instructions about finding the transport at Dulles. I also emailed Bonnie Inouye to check she was still expecting Cally Booker and myself for two days tuition and she is!!!

In fact the emails have flooding in and, unlike normal times, they were interesting.

Firstly my Chinese friend in Kuala Lumpur says the writing on the Chinese door curtain says Good Fortune in 100 old characters.  So I can hang it.

Secondly my Burmese friend has to go to Rangoon and asked if there was any Burmese weaving I would like brought back.  I googled 'Burmese textiles' and the first two entries were from my own blog. I was miffed. But eventually I learnt a lot. Acheik is the stuff - multicoloured silk!

Amongst all of this, I have considered textiles. I decided that I would make a gilet out of some Diversified Plain Weave fabric.  I found the pattern, laid it all out and try as I can, there is not enough fabric unless one front is upside down so no go.  So I looked out a pattern for a fitted waistcoat where the front is in two pieces so I can get the back and the two bigger pieces of the front out of what I have but I need to find suitable fabric for the smaller piece.  At this point, I had to go to the bank and, while driving there, remembered that I have some very nice cotton fabric which I printed with feathers. I must find it but my memory is that I could get a lining and the two front pieces out of it. I am always nervous about cutting into handwoven fabric so I will spend this evening ironing on interlining to all the DWP fabric I have. That way I can square it all up  and cut out the pieces with correct grain. I have just bought some powder to mix with textile medium which will give me gold and I might just paint a feather or two gold!!!

No photos today but there should be some tomorrow.

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