Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Bonnie Inouye's Course

Cally Booker and I went to Bonnie Inouye's house for a two day course in four colour double weave. This was hard work!! (Probably for Bonnie as well as us.) We did a lot of practise drafting and did some weaving on her 24 shaft AVL as well. She had set up a warp beforehand and we did several different drafts on it all four colour double weave. We learnt enormous amount. This was reinforced by practising so much at drafting. Today we are leaving Hyattsville but are both spending the morning amplifying our notes, labelling the many newly created drafts and checking the write up says what I think it should. At least that's what I am doing and Cally is bowed over her laptop silent so I assume she is doing the same. There are photos below with captions.

Some of Bonnie's work in four colour double weave

Two scarves by Bonnie in four colour double weave.

A four colour double weave draft on 32 shafts (PRF)

A four colour double weave draft on 32 shafts (PRF)

THis is the same as the last photo, that is, the same threading but trealded trompe as writ. Same colours wildly different appearance. One thing I did learn was that there is an infinite variety of threadling for the same threading.

Side 1 of a sample woven by Cally and me on Bonnie's AVL (her draft)

   Side 2 of the sample woven by Cally and me on Bonnie's AVL (her draft).

I have trawled through all my drafts and notes adding notes everywhere and inserting jpegs. That's it for now.

So I must pack up now as I am going back home today. We went to a vegetarian Indian restaurant on Monday evening - excellent. And to a Salvadorean one last night. I could live without that cuisine - but then I really do not like eggs. Cheerie bye.

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