Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Indigo Dyeing

Five skeins of 4-ply wool from Texere dyed in indigo by Mary Jarvis. She very kindly did this for me last Saturday. All five skeins were dipped for one minute, taken from the vat, one laid aside then four dipped for 1 minute and so on. The colour gradation is very gentle. I have another five skeins of a different wool to do for Michael (this is all for tapestry). But he thinks a greater gradation would be good. I am thinking of another indigo vat in a week or two as there are several items I did not get round to.

Everything I dyed has been washed and dried. Yesterday I tidied up, winding balls and so on. One big problem was a skein of cheviot whose ties disappeared and left me with a pile of curly stuff. I did get it all wound on to bobbins. I wonder how it will weave up. Will it be a collapse weave?  I hope to put the tie-dyed warp on to the Voyager soon. 

I took over being editor of the Shuttle last weekend and need to get the next issue to the printer in the next few days but of course I could not access the Shuttle email and could not read previous versions of the Shuttle - due to not having a truly up-to-date Vista version of WORD. With Rachel Marsh's help (the previous editor), that was all sorted out last night and I stayed up to past midnight editting and wondering where the content was going to come from. Got up early this morning and worked on the photos in Photoshop but am not finished. I must get on!!!

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