Thursday, 20 July 2017


Some months ago I volunteered to help out at the National Needlework Archive south of Newbury. I cannot embroider and am not to be trusted with a needle near their great conservation work 'The Country Wife' which is an enormous hanging made for the WI in 1951 (I think). What I can do and what is very unpopular with everyone else is entering up everyone's notes on computer files. It is not that demanding but does require attention. The notes are handwritten in pencil and are not always easy to decipher/ There is nothing for it but to put a best guess and put (sp?) after the word. I think I am catching up. There are over 60 sections each with its corresponding file and I can update 2 or 3 files per visit which is about once a week. I can see I am going to be doing this until after Christmas.

I left at ten this morning and so had time to finish the sleying on the Deb Essen velvet project. I need to tidy up and tie on which I ought to get done in a day or two.

I am still  thinking about the TC2. Today Dorothy and I played a game of what else could you buy for that amount and would you (buy it)? A world cruise - forget it, I can think of think of nothing less entertaining, Trip to Antartica? - forget that. A Maserati? I am too old to fold up properly to get in a sports car. You should have asked 40 years ago.  A conservatory? I have a greenhouse already. (By the way my tomatoes are doing really well and the zinnas are showing colour).  I could buy a Schacht - now there is a good suggestion. And with that thought, I will leave you.


  1. I'm pleased your request to volunteer was followed up, Pat. Both myself and a friend tried repeatedly to offer help and couldn't get anyone to engage with our offer beyond, "I will be in touch". We gave up in the end.

  2. I was very specific in what I offered to do from knowing someone who was a longtime volunteer for the conservation work. She told me what they lacked.



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