Saturday, 3 June 2017

A Busy Saturday

I have had a busy day. I got up at six to see Dorothy off to Scotland where she is visiting all her friends. Then I spent san hour and a half potting up seedlings. Left them all soaking outside the greenhouse. Then to Salisbury to the first lesson from Lori Sauer. I am rebinding a book of 1897 by Ruskin. I bought the book half repaired at a bookbinders sale, not because I wanted to finish the rebinding but beacause I wanted the book! I wanted to rebinding in leather which I am not good at and so this morning was spent, practising paring leather. Then I drove to Wisley gardens to see a Show by the British Iris Society. Not very good and not much of it. After which I took my prepared list of plants I wanted to buy to the garden centre and tracked down a lot of them. I can see I will have to get up early again tomorrow morning.


Our garden at 0630 am
 And a very nice iris at Wisley.

Tomorrow I am off to Bicester village with my daughters. Then on Monday. I will return to work by turning out the studio.

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  1. Your flower beds are looking great! And those green iris are unbelievably beautiful. I hope they are a named variety, and you found out their name?



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