Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Acid Dyeing

I taught acid dyeing on Sunday. Had real trouble getting everything into my little Bmax. I have a master list called Tutor Takes but that was for a Saab estate or a Mondeo ditto. And the Bmax is not like them! So shortcuts were taken. No extra kettle for example. Everyone had a good time and lots of dyeing was done. Even I produced something useful.
Hanging skeins out to dry - on anything handy.
A dyed skein for me

The lampas has been finished and washed etc as well. I have managed to clean the studio and the bookbinders room. It is too hot to work upstairs after lunch and so I have been tidying up downstairs as well. No point in trying to garden between 1000 and 1800 hours! Well that is my excuse anyway. We tried a new pub which is by the canal. Out in the garden, lovely food and a shandy based on 6X! And some good photos of the meadow flowers by the canal.

I think this is an orchid.

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  1. Don't think its an orchid - they don't have leaves up the stem. I think it might be purple loosestrife. Sue Grierson got green-black from this with iron, but I've not managed anything useful



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