Saturday, 10 October 2009

Starting Up

There will be several threads to this blog but mostly they will be about weaving. I have three looms, a 15 inch wide 8-shaft Voyager for taking to courses and demonstrations, a 70 cm wide 8 shaft Louet Kombo which is theoretically portable but in practice has four beams, a stand and the ability to mount a fan reed, and a Louet Megado. This has 32 shafts, a sectional warp beam, a second warp beam and is computer controlled. I have recently bought an AVL warping wheel and got rid of the 72 bobbin creel and the tension box. I have nothing but praise for the warping wheel although I did start on it by drilling holes and insert brass pegs to allow me to have a cross in the warp.  I recently put on a 20 m warp at 90 ends per inch and it went on beautifully.

However I have three strands of textiles going at the  same time - this is a bad idea. The three strands are

- three looms which are sort of replicas of early looms - these are finished now. Just as well because I need them for a lecture next Saturday on 'The History of Looms'
- a complicated warp on the Megado for making pictures
- a new warp on the Voyager for a public demo next Monday - that will go on this afternoon.

Each of these has had problems.

 No photos this time but there will be in future blogs.

In the past I have created various articles on a website. These include

an article on  textiles in Malaysia
an article about a silk farm in Cambodia
an article about using a fan reed
an article about  space dyeing using acid dyes

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